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Sooo I made this. I thought of doing little short story 'episode' like things about Ryan and Bucky and stuff. I made a list of possible ones and figured you guys could tell me which sound like good ideas and which you'd like me to do

Sooo I started new fanfic about how Steve and Bucky meet Ryan and this is the first part. :) Please give me your feedback!

You may have heard Ryan talking about Natalie - after all, he IS smitten with her - but do you really KNOW her? Get an exclusive peek inside her diary as we explore her thought process and feelings - and maybe along the way we'll discover how she TRULY feels about Ryan. Read the first entry now!

Best Black Widow cosplay ever…

Best Black Widow cosplay ever… saw this at wizard con Philly! got excited that someone pinned it. than I noticed my husbands feet and the baby stroller with my daughter in the background and got even more excited !

Here's the SHIELD agent profile for Ryan. :) I couldn't find anywhere to really include his personality, but...well, I think it turned out pretty well anyway. Tell me what ya'll think and if you have any questions about him, well, I'm here! :)