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Sooo I made this. I thought of doing little short story 'episode' like things about Ryan and Bucky and stuff. I made a list of possible ones and figured you guys could tell me which sound like good ideas and which you'd like me to do

Sooo I started new fanfic about how Steve and Bucky meet Ryan and this is the first part. :) Please give me your feedback!

at last a happy Steve and Bucky headcanon

You may have heard Ryan talking about Natalie - after all, he IS smitten with her - but do you really KNOW her? Get an exclusive peek inside her diary as we explore her thought process and feelings - and maybe along the way we'll discover how she TRULY feels about Ryan. Read the first entry now!

Here's the SHIELD agent profile for Ryan. :) I couldn't find anywhere to really include his personality, but...well, I think it turned out pretty well anyway. Tell me what ya'll think and if you have any questions about him, well, I'm here! :)

D3 (Denver that was not a good thing to say to Ryan)