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Eat an 1800s treat! Collect fresh, clean snow (snow clinging to pine trees adds some flavor) and pack it into a pail or bowl. Leave it outside while you boil one or more cups of pure maple syrup for six or seven minutes, stirring often. (To make it thicker, add a quarter cup of butter per cup of maple syrup.) Pour the syrup over the snow and eat up – the perfect winter treat.

February 26: fusty \FUHS-tee\, adjective: 1. old-fashioned or out-of-date, as architecture, furnishings, or the like: 2. having a stale smell; moldy; musty: . 3. old-fashioned; fogyish.

Snow, snow, snow - Upper Arlington, Ohio. We has our first snow fall today in Kinmount, Ontario!!!

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White Christmas, Bing Crosby, ... | Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney deck the halls in this Yuletide classic.