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but really they don't even care about learning anymore, it's just about getting good grades

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Learning Disorder or Genius? Parents & teachers get it wrong!

This is sadly true...but still slightly funny

This is sooo true. It saddens my heart to know that I can't be real with kids. I can't tell them how to improve w/o fear that I will be forever blamed as the one that gave them their only A-. The first way to combat it is for parents to see this too. As a parent I struggle with accepting less than perfection. I need to work on accepting "best effort" and "what was gained" rather than an A.

Pictures like these are the reasons why the world will cease to exist in about a century.

Why can't I be happy with myself? Or make anyone else happy..

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Why I hate school.

DON'T you believe this for a minute! Mental and physical health beats A's any day of the week.