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Blue Corn Bread

Blue corn bread, served with macerated peaches and a dip of spicy honey. Serve alongside smoked or grilled meats for maximum deliciousness. Part of Lois Ellen Frank's Native American feast.

Beer Bread

Beer Bread // Really simple recipe with good results. Maybe not my favorite bread, or perhaps something you have to be a bit more in the mood for, but I still recommend it. I'll make it again at some point!

English Muffin Bread

Marye Audet's English Muffin Bread is fabulously easy to make, it mixes up and bakes quickly, (no kneading!), and makes awesome toast and BLT's. I think my eight yr.old would love to do this with me. They can't start too young making bread.

Lemon Monkey Bread

Lemon Monkey Bread 12 Rhodes dinner rolls, thawed, cut in 3 T melted butter drizzled on top zest of 1 lemon and cup sugar. Sprinkle let rise. Sprinkle remaining. Bake at 350 for about minutes. Remove from pan. Drizzle glaze over rolls while still warm.