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Holaaaa!! Amnot tat much into it at once bt whenever I hv watched I was like"where hv u been all ds time"" its totally just freak me out So whom are not still interested on it I only can say for them"guys,u dnt knw what u r missing so go nd enjoy it "

kitchen princess - Google Search

Natsu is gonna flip shit when he hears about Makarov....

Something in Natsu broke when he thought Lucy was dead. I can't handle this. Hiro hurry up and reunited these two, I don't think my heart can take this. D'x ~Fairy Tail chapter 504 #NaLu

It's been an end to the journey growing up with naruto. #epic #final #fight #naruto vs #sasuke #manga #anime

Lucifer by Kaori Yuki, "Angel Sanctuary"