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(Un) Happily ever after: Disney heroines meet their demise in photographer's twisted take on fairytale endings

Did the genie do it? A puff of smoke erupts from a magic lamp feet away from another Disney princess in 'Jasmine - One Last Wish'

3D-Printed Pinhole Camera

The fully functional P6*6 camera uses 120 roll film, comes in 35mm and 50mm lengths, and is printable without support even on the tiniest of print beds. It makes an impressive 6cm square negative —...

This Camera Won’t Let You Take the Photo Everyone Else Does

PSX has designed a total of six gadgets that meet the specific sexual needs of plants. Some flowers were outfitted with a vanity lace to prevent the spread of STDs, others were given an algae-conta…

Snap Table

Wilder Creative CNC Workshop, an maker in London