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Looking for modern teenage or children's bedroom ideas and children's bedroom furniture? Take a look at the children's bedroom gallery for inspiring children's bedroom designs, and out Product Finder for children's furniture and children

Christmas arrives early... I've just taken delivery of an early Christmas present! An Edwardian DENTIST cabinet... Image below - Jenna Lyons dressing room just one of my mood/inspirational images for the interior redecoration of my dressing room...

Welcome to LA Dolce Vita. I believe that you only live once, so live life to its fullest. Be what you want, do what you enjoy and wealth will come to you in so many ways. Enjoy what life has to offer...

My name is Theresa. I am a wife and mother of I love to journal, read, watch my kids play sports/instruments, and enjoy life. My page is all the things that I like and make me happy! None of the pictures are mine, I reblog them all.

Amazing color contrast. Moroccan style Explore the vibrant world of Morocco through the designs of Chloe + Isabel Moroccan Summer inspired jewelry. The full line filled with vibrant colors, intricate metalwork and boho vintage style can be found at Style

The N.B.K. Residence (2) in Beirut, Lebanon by Bernard Khoury/DW5

The N.B.K. Residence (2) in Beirut, Lebanon by Bernard Khoury/DW5 |

Designed by Jamie Bush & Co, La Cañada Mid-Century is located in Los Angeles, California. The home is built in stone, glass, wood, and steel set in the scenic foothills of the Sierra Madre. The main focus of this project… Continue Reading →