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Terry Strickland ... beauty in motion

Using lengthly exposures in his latest series, Bill Wadman explores the magic of motion with flowing bodies and wisps of color. To see the whole series, check out the link below. Long Exposure Photos Explore the Beauty of Dancers in Motion

Dancers by Shinichi Maruyama: 'I tried to capture the beauty of both the human body’s figure and its motion. The figure in the image, which is formed into something similar to a sculpture, is created by combining 10,000 individual photographs of a dancer.' By putting together uninterrupted individual moments, the resulting image as a whole will appear to be something different from what actually exists. via #Photography #Dancers # Shinichi_Maruyama

from My Modern Met

Capturing the Beauty of Blurred Bodies in Motion

Italian photographer Giulia Pesarin captures the beauty of the human body in motion.