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When your dream takes work

Have you ever wondered if your dream required too much work? That if it was meant to be it would be easier? Trusting God doesn't mean your dream will come easy or it won't face challenges. It means it will be worth it. Find out how to pursue your dreams even through setbacks.

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training : {extra}ordinary work

some say it should be easy. this following your dream stuff. but that's never been true. anything worth having requires work; here's why you should do it. {grace uncommon}

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What Strong People Do

Are you afraid to deal with something from your past because you believe it makes you weak? I think it makes you brave. Going into our past to find the source of our pain is THE ONLY way we get to move free from it. Find out why your past makes you strong.

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When you take a face plant

When something from your past comes screaming into your present it's an opportunity to learn. Find out why, and how to grow through it.

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The secret that makes you beautiful

The secret to being beautiful isn't found in a pretty face or a perfect life. Find out where it is, because it's already in you.

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Taking hold of the harvest

Have you ever felt like you work hard but the harvest never comes? Or perhaps the harvest is upon you but you can't quite reach it's fruit? It could be that you're in the middle of a harvest but you're not taking hold of it. Find out what you need to take hold of what is rightfully yours.

THE MOST POWERFUL WAY TO START YOUR YEAR. Every year I choose a single word to guide my year. Unlike resolutions or shallow attempts to change something I think I can control, choosing a word offers my year to God and what He plans to do and undo in me. Find out how it works, what word I chose this year, and how you can choose your own word too!

from Tammy Strait

What love does

Do you ever feel alone? Bearing the weight of grief and nobody sees? Or are you unsure how to help someone through hardship? There is one very important thing love does. {grace uncommon}