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HAhahhahaha please let this happen

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Wait, Justin was a bad guy! It feels like forever since I watched it but what? I thought he was goooooooood

Not all things under a pin was written by the person who posted it on their board. Assuming makes YOU the crazy one.


Before you "assume" try this crazy method called "asking". - Never assume, you will likely end up eating crow with egg on your face for doing so!

All dogs go to heaven - I don't know if its a "soul" but my dogs are definitely better than rocks!

All Catholic dog souls go to Heaven; Presbyterian dogs need to speak with their pastor :) LOLOL

Having Fun With Statues - This makes me want to search the world for statues to do funny things to.

Having Fun With Statues

Funny pictures about Having Fun With Statues. Oh, and cool pics about Having Fun With Statues. Also, Having Fun With Statues photos.

People on tumblr are amazing. This is totally worth the read, okay? I highly recommend it. Just find time to read this.

PART 91 (Go see Pacific Rim)

What if you had a clock that counted down 'til you met your soul mate? I don't think I would know how to feel or what to do. But what about the people who aren't going to find their "soul mate"? What if, to some people, it's food?

Faith In Humanity Restored.  Harry Potter vs. Twilight.

FAITH IN HUMANITY RESTORED. Seriously, what kind of bs where those 'reasons'? Look at the beginning of the movie Up. Disney told a better love story in five minutes than Twilight with four books.

I loved when Sam said "I lost my shoe," to Dean because he looked every bit the pouty little brother who wanted his older brother to fix everything.

He has lost everything including his brother, but hen he came back so he could lose him again.(The losing the shoe was the cutest thing in the entire world!