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От Huawei съобщиха, че стартират ъпдейт до Android 4.2 на част от своите устройства. В информацията от компанията изрично са упоменати моделите Ascend D1, P1 и Honor 2 на Huawei.

Google Nexus 5 may be produced by LG after all: Report Google Nexus 5 rumours have hit the tech sphere yet again. The device that has been in the news since a long time might actually materialise soon. There was plenty of buzz that LG would be producing the next Nexus device, just like it was manufacturing the Google Nexus 4. However, Kim Wong, Head of LG Europe recently made a statement that LG was not working on a Nexus 5 device.

Xperia Z İçin Geri Sayım Başladı! on

It is very hard time to believing that anything besides a smartphone with an Intel chip inside, but the biggest mystery is in what type of phone is it. Are we going to see something ho-hum, or mind blowing awesome? Whatever it is, we think we may have stumbled upon a clue. Motorola’s XT890, which has been rumored to be a global RAZR M with a 2GHz CPU and 897 x 540 screen resolution, just wandered through the FCC with AT 2G and 3G radios.

갤럭시탭7.7LTE 추억의 오락실 만들기! OTG 케이블로 100% 활용기 2탄 (By PCP인사이드 @pcpinside)

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[MWC 2012] 실물에 관심 컸던 갤럭시탭2 7인치 실제는?; Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7 at MWC 2012 ... 갤노트에는 관심이 안갔는데... 갤탭2 7인치는 왠지 끌리네~ 삼성이 워낙 많은 종류의 디바이스를 찍어내다보니 한개쯤은 이렇게 갖고 싶은 마음이 들게 만들기도 하는듯... ㅎㅎ