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To commemorate Hubble Telescope's 20th anniversary, NASA, with ESA and STI, released this Wide Field Camera 3 shot of a portion of Carina Nebula, dubbed "Mystic Mountain". Taken in February 2010, oxygen is colored blue, hydrogen and nitrogen green, and sulfur with red

Wings of Fancy Exhibit, Brookside Gardens, Imagination IMG_5168 A Photograph by Roy Kelley using a Canon PowerShot G11 camera. Roy and Dolores Kelley Photographs

M27, also known as the 'Dumbbell Nebula', is a famous planetary nebula. The central portion of the nebula is quite bright, however it also has a faint outer halo that is clearly visible in this deep image.

Rise and Fall - This image you see here is a series of experimentation I spent around an hour processing this file.. Trying out a few new things here and there at the same time been busy with my partners putting together our workshops and new websites for the end of the year. I have not had a whole lot of time for looking at imagery let alone taking my own photos, so my activity on this website has been very dismal. Back in 2013 was the year I decided to buy my first camera to start…

This new image of the reflection nebula Messier 78 was captured using the Wide Field Imager camera on the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope at the La Silla Observatory, Chile. This colour picture was created from many monochrome exposures taken through blue, yellow/green and red filters, supplemented by exposures through a filter that isolates light from glowing hydrogen gas. The total exposure times were 9, 9, 17.5 and 15.5 minutes per filter, respectively.

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