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Sometimes, just one sentence can change your mind, break open your heart, soothe your soul, or hit you like a boxed of them for you. These cards are LUSCIOUS. Each is printed on heavy, creamy stock, with

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Random bits of ideas and inspirations. Paris. Engineering. Beauty. Love. Dogs. Fashion. Style. Photography. Modelling. Wanderlust. Taurus Baby. Asian beauty. Message me if you want. Pictures are not mine unless stated. Feel free to reblog them all.

I have learned this! Trying to make someone love the same way you do is pointless and a waste of love that I could've been pouring into someone who deserved it. Like Brandon! Soooo glad we found each other. And at the most perfect time in both our lives♡

...This is something to seriously ponder in especially if you're having a hard time in the "state that you're in" and who doesn't have "issues" these days ? Prayer and meditation may bring the answer, if you're dedicated toward finding solutions.

Laughed a little much at this one 27 things to keep in mind if you're having a bad day: "Never forget that the two people who play Wendy and Peter Pan got married in real life.." And this, friends, is one of the reasons I love Disney. funny Funny! Yup lol