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Chair And Coffee Cup by mark thomas on 500px

There was something so ominous about Christian's front door. Fear clenched and Shiloh throat and he swallowed thickly. He couldn't make himself knock for a few minutes.

This is Thunderclaw. He is very sensitive. Even if he is touchy, he will fight to the death to protect his clan.

Mark Keathley Open Edition Framed Canvas Mini:"Legacy" - Mark ...

Thomas Ruff (born 10 February 1958) is a German photographer who lives and works in New York City.

People say wolves are mostly loners, well they actually prefer to be in a pack to have social interaction with others! I love them!!

Reminds me of my Grandpa's house...especially the slightly broken gate!

Werewolfs are not half wolf half men they transform to the actual wolf and their blood type is LB.217 and to become one you can cast a werewolf spell or potion.

Natural Selection Wildlife and Nature Photography - Mark Thomas - Blue Ice - Blue Icebergs - by Mark J. Thomas, Photographer, Photographers

Natural Selection Wildlife and Nature Photography - Mark J Thomas