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[ fc : cameron dallas ]" hey guys! i'm cameron, I'm 19 and I'm youtube, instagram,vine ( rip vine :T ) and just all around famous " I laugh " I'm very sweet and friendly, I have a sister named liza and I love her to pieces, we get along very well :), Intro?

[cam dallas] cameron] hey I'm Cameron, but call me cam. I'm planning to major in business and marketing. *i smile* I like to hike, but friends make me go to parties.

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I hope he's a baseball player. Just saying but if I'm talking to a boy and he says he plays baseball but keeps talking. He had me at baseball❤️

I was able to ss my husband smiling during his sc video❤

I was able to ss my husband smiling during his sc video😂💗💞💕💓💘❤💋💋💯💯

Cameron Dallas}I'm Cameron I'm 16 and single I play football and I love all my fans Alexa is my bestie *smiles

::Cameron Dallas::"hey I'm cam. I'm 17 and I'm not single, I'm dating Madison beer in secret because he parents don't really want her dating.

cameron dallas and nash grier ladies and gentleman

i love you guys so much youre so so funny :) ily nash grier and cam dallas ily amd all of the magcon boys

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