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Samoa Bundt Cake

Tis the season! Samoa Bundt Cake is back. Quite possibly the greatest dessert recipe in the history of the universe. Chocolate and Brown sugar swirl cake topped with caramel frosting, toasted coconut and chocolate ganache. Not healthy, but totally worth every bite!

the British Museum says this about the Ivory carving below: The carving shows an African boy with jeweled armlets and bracelets being attacked by a lioness.

The Definitive Ranking Of The 11 Most Badass Queens In History

Queen Zenobia ruled the Palmyrene Empire in Roman Syria during the third century. When her husband (King Septimius Odaenathus) died, Zenobia took over. She fought the Romans, conquered Egypt and expanded her empire before eventually being defeated.

Ice Age Lion Man is worlds earliest figurative sculpture: The latest news is that almost 1,000 further fragments of the statue have been found, following recent excavations in the Stadel Cave by Claus-Joachim Kind. Conservators are now painstakingly reassembling the Lion Man, using computer-imaging techniques. The sculpture’s age has been refined using radio-carbon dating, revealing a date of 40,000 years ago, while until recently it was thought to be 32,000 year old.