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Feeling better on your runs after a strong section of training can encourage most of us to want to speed up our paces, but you can actually end up missing the training you need for your next race, making yourself less prepared. This is really interesting, and makes total sense with why we need to run slower, especially on easy days!

Summer running can make your runs miserable. We look at the science behind it, and give you 6 ways you can use that information to be better prepared, and enjoy your training more. Runners, this will help you feel more prepared in the heat.

Interesting read! Runners Connect dives into the research looking at high vs. low intensity training. This study found that runners who ran 80% of their runs easy, improved 23% more than those who ran 65% of their training easy.

If you've ever thought "there’s no way I could continue running this pace for 26.2 miles", you're not alone. Here's why you shouldn't feel that you could

Traveling (and life in general) can easily steal your attention from your training. Everyone misses workouts sometimes, but rather than beating yourself up, this explains how to keep your perspective in the right place, and plan better for the future.

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If you feel you must run at least do it correctly. Walking will always be the better alternative.

It should be pretty obvious that a GPS watch can help you hit the right pace when you’re wearing it, but does it actually help instill a sense of internal pacing—that is, if you run without the watch, will you still be able to hit your splits? We look at the research.

Should you train on the track or road for your speed workouts? We look at the advantages and disadvantages for runners wanting to run a personal best soon.


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Making a plan for running in a ½ marathon is important so that you know what you are getting yourself into and so that you can be realistic and prepared with your goals. Here is how I prepare for my...