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Outside Baba Yaga's hut. You know, the one with the chicken feet.

Chicken feet are used in arts of Voodoo, Hoodoo, and JuJu as a Charm for a powerful form of protection. They are not used for bring or attract love, money or good luck...the most powerful chicken’s feet are the ones that come from black feathered chickens.

purple gallinule: Light blue forehead •Dark purple head, neck, and underside. •Green back. •Red bill tipped with yellow. •Bill triangular like a chicken's, not flat like a duck's. •Legs yellow.

This is the Ayam Cemani, an Indonesian breed of chicken. What makes it awesome? Well, it’s black. Absolutely, utterly, black. Black feathe...

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Sturdy Feet (Style Bubble)

<part three>Everyone's gone and it's all my fault. I didn't realize I would make the entire universe vanish, I just thought I could have some time alone from the nagging and annoying bullies. if only I hadn't forgotten the power of the wishing I'd been given. Then everyone would be back and I would just be drifting as a shadow alone on earth. All I've been doing is wandering around as the darkness near my shoes until...

Walking on this #beach with my feet sinking in the #sand.... listening to the crash of the #waves take me and my thoughts with them..Repinned by Rania Salah.

We're raising chickens at our house! This little lady is on our list of chickens wants. She's a black copper maran. This kind of chicken lays chocolate colored eggs! Eggs can come in lots of cool colors and next year I hope to have enough chickens to get natural Easter eggs--no dyes needed!

story inspiration. The High Space Marines, always trying to stop the empire from filling the graveyards. Sometimes they win. sometimes, they dont.

Dracula, Prince of Darkness - 1966 - Features Christopher Lee's return as Count Dracula, and Peter Cushing again portrays Van Helsing.