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well...your fake friends believe it...for now anyways

Laughs Love and Pixie Dust - Fake Friends

And knowing the truth is so freeing! They can lie and lie and be as fake as they want, but I'm free of their nastiness!

It's hard losing people you think are your "friends," but that just proves that they really aren't a real friend, and you don't need to keep them in your life, especially if they are taking you towards something you know isn't what's best for you.

I've had this happen so many times :( Loyalty in friends is so hard to come by, but at least it helps you weed out the bad ones. The few friends I do have I'd trust with my life and that's worth the pain of finding out someone you thought was your friend never was.

Why Is No Contact So Difficult?

Yesss! I tried to understand how or why for a couple years. When my dad died and these people who claimed to be my family never even gave me not one kind word, I realized they were the problem. Instead of coming to me and asking me if the crap they had been spoon fed was true, they just ate it. It's ok though. Me be open doesn't change a damn thing but that I know what I suspected long ago and that was that I was never given the benefit of the doubt, shit and lies were spread and that just…

Actually, I DONT have to lie about my life...I love my life, and don't have to put on a show for people...and worry about what FAKE friends think...I would SO rather have my life than are pathetic!

Ha! So true! Maybe instead of worrying about MY "problems", you should focus on your own! Juuuust sayin! :)