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Living in a world of constant danger: One mom's story of food allergies

It is Food Allergy Awareness Week!  For some, it is a golden opportunity to educate those outside the food allergy community.  For some, it is the perfect time to raise advocacy and research effort...

After leaving her backpack unattended high school student Charlotte Jude Schwartz became a victim of food allergy bullying. WHEN will people get it? This beautiful girl could have DIED b/c some idiot thought they were being funny. Would you do this to a diabetic? Makes me so mad. SO much work still to do!!! Stay strong Charlotte!!!

Research on Kissing with Food Allergies -

"Respect Every Bite PSA - 30 sec." This video addresses food allergies, which are becoming more common now. I'm allergic to seafood.

Food-Allergic Children and Their Emotional Wellbeing

Food-Allergic Children and Their Emotional Wellbeing - excellent article for parents. It addresses the emotional issues and anxiety that kids living with life threatening food allergies experience.

Allergen Menu Mom | Mother of three kids, two with multiple food allergies. "We are a family living with severe food allergies and telling our stories. We seek normalcy, but we demand safety."

Food allergies? Try the Eatfindr app to find health conscious eating choices. Now live on Android and Windows Phone marketplaces, coming soon to Windows 8 marketplace!