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A map by the CDC showing countries and territories where the Zika virus is being actively transmitted

Mapa de riesgo de seismos en la Europa mediterránea.

[ winter days - here, obv 9/? ] In my test, the ENEM, it’s necessary to know the news of the moment. This summary is about Zika Virus.

from Mail Online

'This storm will kill you’: Millions evacuate before hurricane

'This storm will kill you': Tailbacks leave thousands in gridlock across the East Coast as two million are told to flee deadly hurricane Matthew as it kills 102 and prepares to hit the US TODAY By Regina F. Graham and Hannah Parry For and Associated Press

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Don’t panic over Ebola in America

just in case anyone is confused. I would rather be on a plane with someone who has ebola than with someone who has TB...

datavis: Disaster Hot Zones of the World

Most sophisticated spyware ever created turns Skype into listening device, Bluetooth-enabled computers into portals, and more. FLAME, as it has been called, has mainly been seen infecting computers in the Middle-East.

#Continúa el incremento de hospitalizaciones por dengue - La Prensa Gráfica: La Prensa Gráfica Continúa el incremento de hospitalizaciones…

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Mother of Zika baby born speaks out about coming to US for treatment

Experts warn that the Zika virus, which is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, will...