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Be the best version of yourself, and never try to please to live up to someone else's expectations of you (both higher OR lower expectations). Your mission in life is to become the best YOU you can be, and not waste precious time and energy trying to belittle yourself to please, or seek approval of someone who doesn't deserve it in the first place... ~Angela from www.calligraphybyangela.com

Keep Calm and Sparkle On

Platitudes normally irritate me, but I'm drawn to this for some reason. Maybe it's just the bokeh glitter background.

A push up BRA is like a bag of chips

A Push Up Bra Is Like A Bag Of Chips, You Open It And It's Half Empty. hahhahahahahahahha that is to all the girls who only where push up.

Cinderella is proof that a New pair of shoes can change your life! that's right & brighten your day!

"Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life." - Anonymous picture quote about shoes and life. See more image quotes now.

Even when you joke around with her you never know what complex you may be creating, so be wise with your words. Just a reminder.

The nice things; the bad things; the sweet things; the careless things; the gentlemanly things; the crass things. Watch what you say, guys. We girls don't forget easily.

Be yourself

"Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else." -Judy Garland wise and so true

Picture quote of the Day: I wish for you..to get everything you want in life.  Above all , I wish and hope that you are happy. #Padgram

"I wish I could see through your eyes so I would know what you like to see. I wish I knew your wishes, so I could give you everything you .

Never hide anything big or small

Cheating isn't always kissing, touching or flirting. If you gotta delete text messages off your phone so your partner won't see them. then you're already there. To me, a liar and habitual cheater are the lowest humans to walk this earth!

Los logos súper honestos e irónicos de Viktor Hertz

Honest Logos - Graphic designer Viktor Hertz of Sweden has created a unique series titled Honest Logos. The Honest Logos series takes iconic corporate logos and .