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Organizing a Warehouse

Any company that carries inventory needs a well-thought-out warehouse space with efficient storage, and space for shipping and receiving. Workers who know where things are and where things need to be stored, who work in safe conditions and whose needs are considered in the warehouse layout are likely to make fewer mistakes and have less accidents. The items you’re warehousing determine the exact layout of a warehouse, but you can set up almost any warehouse by following a few steps.

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Warehouse Equipment and Supplies

Proper equipment and supplies help keep warehoused products safe. To protect merchandise in a warehouse, you need the right equipment and supplies. That’s because all merchandise endures several moves before making it into the hands of consumers. Having the proper equipment and supplies helps ensure that these frequent relocations are accident free.

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25 Clever Hideaway Projects You Want To Have at Home

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Top Companies Using 5S

The Floor Tape Store - Top Companies Using 5S: The 5S workplace organization system was first implemented in Japan as a way to streamline and maintain an efficient work space. The standardization process is broken down into five pillars, which translate to sort, straighten, shine, standardize, and sustain. These steps can be taken to create a better functioning workplace than ever before.

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3 Go-To Resources About 5S

There is a lot of information out there about 5S, what it is, and how it will benefit you and your company to implement this system of organization. Beyond knowing the roots of 5S, there is so much more beyond the basics to learn before you can find exactly how to make this system work for you.

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Mighty Line Repeating Message Floor Tape

Use Mighty Line Repeating Message Floor Tape where you want to alert everyone to stay away from or use caution near the marked areas or if needed to display a continuous message in your location.

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Mighty Line Tape now on your iPad!

Mighty Line Tape now on your iPad! Wouldn't you like to take your iPad out to the warehouse or manufacturing floor and order your Mighty Line Tape and Mighty Line Floor Signs? Well now you can! Today has rolled out for the iPad! You can see all of the products with pictures and order while you are on the go.