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Teachers Shake Up Shakespeare with Digital Media

type "Shakespeare English project" into YouTube's search box, and you'll find links to a long list of school assignments. Terry's Macbeth rap is there. So is a short video retelling of Romeo and Juliet with animated characters from a video game, The Sims 2. Another high school student posted Hamlet: The Silent Film, a Keystone Kops-like version of the Prince of Denmark's climactic swordfight with Laertes.

ORGANIZATION GAME CHANGER! Use Project/Document Cases instead of Binders and Hanging Files! You won't ever look back! | Classroom Organization

Socrative Smackdown - Interesting game approach to teaching argument and debate

A great way to reinforce time...this could easily be adapted for the Spanish classroom even with high schoolers!

How Does Government Work?

A virtual tour of a town's buildings, roads, and parks teaches kids how federal, state, and local government decisions directly impact their community. Source: The Democracy Project