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Anna knows what's up. After all, she did marry Kristoff. This just proves it <3

from BuzzFeed

21 Times Tumblr Made "Once Upon A Time" Fans Cry All Over Again

Pretty much how everyone feels about Captain Swan:

Captain Swan. The books "The Savior" and "The Hook" are next to each other, with the one "Along came romance" ! I see what you did here Belle ^^

I NOTICED THE SAME THING! From the very first time I saw that ep I thought it was funny that Emma 'remembered' Neal when she met Hook (I know the writers did that, but it's symbolic). From that moment on, I've been a CaptainSwan shipper. It just seemed right for them to be together after that!!! :D

I haven't in the fiction world, but In real life I've seen a man love a woman more than hook loves Emma

Captain swan shippers everywhere. Just kiss already! The moment was already screaming for one!

yeah i ship captain swan but im posting some swanfire things caus i feel bad that neal died