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City at a Crossroads: Chicago Confronts Urban Blight, 1954

<strong>Caption from LIFE.</strong> "In their old home in a dark basement, Mornice Garrett and her seven children eat dinner, chicken necks boiled with spaghetti. Their two rooms lack space for either a dining table or any chairs. Newspapers help cover a floor often damp from faulty drains. At night, the six Garret daughters sleep in one double bed."

What's Your Interior Design Style

What's your interior design style? That's a question with no wrong answer. Individual style makes the world of interior design and decorating go round.

Mitch McConnell, Asshole of the Day for April 23, 2014 by TeaPartyCat (Follow @TeaPartyCat) Mitch McConnell is running for reelection this year. And while he still has to get through a primary against Tea Party asshole Matt Bevin, he’s more focused on Alison Lundergan Grimes in the general election. And since she’s a woman, Mitch McConnell is trying to convince people that he has a good record on women’s issues. Last summer he tried to tout his support for the Violence ...

baby blue Drawing by LOUI JOVER

Saatchi Art Artist Loui Jover; Drawing, “baby blue” The original is sold, prints are available reasonable priced!

'Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia (1868-1918)' (1902) Unknown Person (photographer). Photograph of Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia reading the St Petersburg News in the Mauve Boudoir at the Alexander Palace, Tsarskoye Selo. He is sitting in an armchair looking down at a folded newspaper. There is a window behind him to the right and a lamp with a lace cover above him.