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down on my knees, down on my face you just say, "it's OK"/so many days i've thrown away/you just say, "it's OK"/i don't think i could ever repay/your perfect grace, but it's OK/your precious words intoxicate a heart that aches, it's OK/you don't recall my past mistakes/you just say, "it's OK"/the human mind can't calculate/your perfect grace, but it's OK/even though you've seen a thousand times i've let you down/you're always there if i should call your name/you're unashamed, unashamed.

Demand that the hunting license of a coward hunter is revoked. The hunter cowardly shot and killed a bunch of wild pigs after firemen had rescued the animals from drowning. His rut to kill to strong and irrational. With firemen still helping the animals he can't resist his sick craving for killing. A man so irrational can't own and use guns!

Interessante Stimmung, ist weder warm noch kalt - interessant für jene, die vom standard- kalt/blau kontrast gelangweilt sind...

The True Meaning of Christmas

On this rainy Friday morning, when we are only 5 days away from Christmas Day, lets all remember the true meaning of Christmas. God sent His son Jesus to be born in a manager, to spread the good Wo…