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California Law Enforcement

California Prisons Will No Longer Lock-Down Inmates Based On Race

Brothers in blue, stay in shape!

WAKE UP & PAY ATTENTION, CALIFORNIA! Law Enforcement, Mayors Join Senate Democrats in Proposals to Curb Gun Violence (AKA further infringe on our freedoms!)

CHP engagement. San Francisco. California Highway Patrol. Alison & Grant, photo by: Samantha Gillis Photography

TIL that due to California banning civilian ownership of .50 BMG rifles Barret will not sell or service to any of California's law enforcement agencies.

Engagement Photography - Southern California Photographer - Laura Danielle Photography- Maddy + Kolte - Outdoors - Guns - Deputy - Law Enforcement - Police - LEO

CALIFORNIA LAW ENFORCEMENT IS ADDICTED TO THE WAR ON DRUGS California cops are fighting legalization to keep funds.

California Highway Patrol CHP Ford Expedition

This badge is a symbolic representation of a police officer. Police officers often the traits of a hero; they are brave, the protect the public often with cost to themselves. Police officers risk their lives for the safety of the public.

Awesome ! Families Must Hold Financial Elder Abusers Accountable, says Hackard Law SACRAMENTO, Sept. 2, 2014 There are safety rules to protect all of us from elder abuse, whether physical or financial. Should families choose to enforce these rules, they can civilly prosecute elder abusers. California law provides clear remedies for v…