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Distant Misty View of Chartres Cathedral Rising over Green Field Photographic Print by Gjon Mili - AllPosters.ca

The Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth, built in the 13th Century, is perhaps the best known surviving medieval labyrinth. It is a tool for contemplation and meditation, the Christian mandala representing spiritual growth and eventual union.

STAINED GLASS: Horse & Wagon, Chartres Cathedral, France, Early 13th century. The patronage of guilds, which also donated considerable funds for the decoration of the cathedral, was portrayed through scenes of their daily working life.

It's called Chartres Blue. It is a blue that is unrivaled in any stained glass in the world. Just a 40 minute trip from Paris, The cathedral stands out as a medieval skyline on the french plains as you approach the town. In a cathedral soaked country, Chartres is one of a kind. Don't miss the labrynth. The surrounding village is a great example of medieval architecture.

The Middle Ages showed a renewed interest in labyrinths and a design more complex than the classical seven-circuit labyrinth become popular. The most famous of these labyrinths is at Chartres Cathedral near Paris, France. The labyrinth at Chartres was built around 1200 and is laid into the floor-- you can still walk it today!

"As the Christmas Day gospel takes us back to the mystery of the divine nature - In the beginning was the Word?...The depth and richness of His being are entirely unknown to us...so loved the world as to desire to give his essential thought, the deepest secrets of his heart to this small, fugitive, imperfect creation – to us." -Evelyn Underhill

Sacred Buildings: Gothic Chartres Cathedral in Chartres, France. Chartres is one of the most famous cathedrals in France, and is widely praised for its sculpture, stained-glass windows, and high gothic style.

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