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Explore Chartres Cathedral, Green Field and more!

Distant Misty View of Chartres Cathedral Rising over Green Field Photographic Print by Gjon Mili -

It's called Chartres Blue. It is a blue that is unrivaled in any stained glass in the world. Just a 40 minute trip from Paris, The cathedral stands out as a medieval skyline on the french plains as you approach the town. In a cathedral soaked country, Chartres is one of a kind. Don't miss the labrynth. The surrounding village is a great example of medieval architecture.

The Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth, built in the 13th Century, is perhaps the best known surviving medieval labyrinth. It is a tool for contemplation and meditation, the Christian mandala representing spiritual growth and eventual union.

Oct. 24: On Chartres Cathedral’s 753rd anniversary, here’s a Telluride home with full-scale copy of its labyrinth

Chartres Cathedral window - portal into the Catholic Mystery ...

Chartres Cathedral (French: Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres) The current cathedral, mostly constructed between 1194 and 1250, is the last of at least five which have occupied the site since the town became a bishopric in the 4th century.

Chartres Cathedral in the medieval town of Chartres, about 50 miles from Paris. Not only is Chartres Cathedral one of the greatest achievements in the history of architecture, it is almost perfectly preserved in its original design and details. Chartres' extensive cycle of portal sculpture remains fully intact and its glowing stained-glass windows are all originals. Chartres is thus the only cathedral that conveys an almost perfect image of how it looked when it was built.