Runner bummer: We tend to lose some of our fitness this season by sitting out the snow and the shivery temps, researchers at Ohio State University found. Beat the backslide with these tips from Jeff Gaudette, the head coach for RunnersConnect, an online training site. -

But there is one thing that makes the tough sport better: booze. To experience the union of two epic elements (running and alcohol), we found the best races that involve both.

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The Runner's Brain - How to Think Your Way to Being a Better Runner. Boston Marathon psychologist Dr. Jeff Brown wrote the Runner’s World book “The Runner’s Brain,” to teach you how to train your *brain* to run better and deal better with issues like hitting the wall, self-doubt, pre-race jitters and post-race blues. Check out more tips from the author on the importance of goal setting, visualization and tips for success. | run chat | running | goals | training | fitness |

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