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How to Have a Perfect Golf Grip - Your golf grip is one of the most vital links in your golf swing. Don’t be afraid to re-look and or re-evaluate this critical fundamental. How about now?

Braced Right Knee in the Golf Swing - The right knee in the golf swing is one area that is critical to keep braced and solid during your swing. Here’s a tip/drill that will help you with that.

7 Ways to Produce a Powerful, Tension Free Golf Swing - Having a tension-free, relaxed golf swing is, in my opinion, the key to producing a powerful, consistent golf swing. Here’s why.

Left Arm in Golf Swing – Straight or Relaxed? - I think there’s a lot of mis-understanding about keeping the right arm straight in the backswing and downswing.

Listen in as Roy Palmer, a master of the Alexander Technique, shares how we can produce significantly less effort in our golf swing, decrease tension, become aware of harmful habit/patterns, enter the “zone” frequently and much more.