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The Balanced Wheel of Life

Learn how to use the balanced wheel of life to picture how balanced your life is today, and to identify key areas of improvement.

Oh.-(answer) Love, I don't think that'll make sense to them, considering you'll be in Utah. Wouldn't you have to explain?

Here’s what’s been up in my class lately. We have been furiously working through the Writing Units of Study from TRWP, whose first unit is on personal narratives.Behavior-wise, October is a weird and wacky month for behavior so I put up two charts for behavior reminders. One is the SLANT chart to promote attentive listening and the 2 Stars & 1 Wish chart to remind students of positive comments before critiques of others. So far, so good…We’ll see what happens the ...

I work very hard on instilling a growth mindset with my students. If you're new to this way of thinking - check out Carol Dweck on YouTube. This is a checklist for my students to use before turning in their work or completing a project.

Personal narratives, with a twist! My kids obsess over every little scrape, so why not give them a chance to tell all about it without making me crazy (and they are getting some extra writing practice! I've need to come up with some way to make this work for tattling, too!!