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3 Effective Ways to Build a Bridge of Trust In Marriage

from To Love, Honor and Vacuum

Winners Roundup and Daily Inspiration

2 Questions to Ask To Keep Your Marriage Strong

from Time-Warp Wife

10 Things You Won't Find In A Godly Marriage

A Christ-centered, peaceful, joyous marriage= the absence of what's in this article!! So grateful for His plan ❤️I love my man & the marriage we built together & continue to build by grace! :)

Nothing is more attractive than a man or woman determined to follow God's commands for a relationship.

Amen ❤️ sad not to many people get this no matter what because they only want their will and not God's will. It's pure selfishness! !!!!!!

from Dave Willis

4 ways to measure the trust and honesty in your marriage

In a marriage, the level of honesty with each other determines the level of intimacy with each other. Here are 4 ways to test your current strength and evaluate areas for improvement.

A bible-based relationship is amazing because you learn to trust, love, and have faith in each other as well as yourselves. When certain things get tough, you'll be able to better understand the situation and have patience. No relationship is perfect, but God can make it easier. (: