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Too think there is actually something this beautiful in a world like ours!

She always was so bright, whispers of the Universe, teaching me its for all of us. A Warrior of the Aurora, a light so colorful, her supernova stride leaves you always wanting more. Goodnight.

I believe there is one in Bermuda... ❤ ❤ ❤

Dreamer Island in Secrets Of A Universe: The Mindkey Project. That's what it reminds me of...

just the idea that the world creates this type of splendor makes my skin rise with passion and my eyes well with tears of gratitude...

When you see something this magical in real life, then you have lived. <3 So Beautiful!

Through a window in the clouds aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) appear in a spooky form over winter landscape of northern Canada. Yuichi Takasaka,

from Mail Online

The midnight phoenix rises: Biggest solar storms for seven years create spectacular northern lights

Aurora Borealis as seen from Norway. it looks like a bird