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Instead of reaching for that Deer Park or Dasani bottle in the morning, try reaching for this instead! A glass or plastic reusable bottle holds just as much water, or more. Plus, don't worry about having to throw it away, just refill it that night and put it in the fridge for tomorrow!

Buying a High Efficiency appliance can really help lower your energy output and your costs. HE fridges can even usually hold more food and keep it fresher, HE washers use less detergent, HE dishwashers use less water, and so on.

Consider Tupperware! For children's school lunches, many places sell lunch box size containers. Leftovers can be stored also. You can even store some in your car for when you want to take food home from a restaurant! Skip the plastic bags and styrofoam and go for a Rubbermaid or a Tupperware!

Timing your shower helps save water and energy! Some places sell adjustable timers, and cute ones to match your bathroom decor as well.

We use billions of plastic bags each year in this country and less than 3% ever get recycled. Buying trash bags is a small way that people waste a lot of plastic, but no one thinks about it because trash bags are necessary! However, there's a whole bunch of compostable trash bags that can decompose from as little to as 30 days (get rid of it quickly!) to 24 months, whereas a normal plastic bag takes over a thousand years to decompose. This site lets you order in bulk or individual sizes!

Properly insulating your house can help you decrease your energy bill significantly, because it keeps the air inside the house at a more constant temperature (given that you have a good insulator). Another way to lower energy costs is to wrap an old water heater in insulation to keep it from losing heat and energy!