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Totally rad robot books for kids. Reluctant readers take notice because these are some coolest books out there. Be sure you read the reviews!

Big Mean Mike is the toughest dog in the neighborhood and has the coolest car in town. His image however, is threatened when a cute, fluffy bunny shows up. As the story progresses, more and more bunnies show up until finally Big Mean Mike learns to accept his new friends and decides that if anyone has a problem with it, Too Bad! He loves his new friends and so will kids ages 4-8.

I'm not exactly sure why, but there's something about ninjas that kids love. My boys are obsessed with them, whether in turtle form or dressed in black, throwing stars at "bad guys." Books about ni...

10 Perfect Books for Beginning Readers - build your home librray for your kids with these books!

The Brightly contributors' choices for the best children's and YA books of 2015 contain innovative literary themes, illustrations, styles, and more.

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