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I am Brenda. I love my family, friends, and wonderful fiancé Chuck. I am a California girl living in Georgia and I am 25 years young. ∆∆∆ *Most pictures do not belong to me, unless otherwise stated. I simply reblog pictures I see and like.*

I know everyone says you rarely keep your friends from high school but I really feel like my best friends now will still be my best friends when I get married and even in 30 or even 50 years from now!!! I have faith in them and I love them to death!!!!!!!

from Berry

Be all you can be (18 photos)

And you can't hang around deadbeat drug addicts that work dead-end minimum wage jobs, live in scummy apartments, and date homeless losers because they're too dumb and lazy to get a real life, and expect to turn out any better... Good fucking riddance!

from Berry

LDR love (25 photos)

You are my birthday wish this year baby girl. Missing you more than i can express and hate that i dont get to see you for a week. You are my best friend, my puzzle piece and so much more. I love your everything. Gong to sleep with you in my heart.