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That's exactly what they look like, hands of a servant.

When she shook my hand she pressed it firmly, while looking me straight into the eyes, yet there could be nothing less reassuring, "I salute you," she said, "in the eternity that is before us, after us, and in us."

In the idea of reliquary we trace the tradition of nomadic portable shrine as well as more complex element like the one we discover in this relic containing a physical part of the evangelist's hand: this relic in some way incarnates such an abstract notion as the Word of God - a futile attempt to take hostage an immaterial being.

It's not that all aesthetics of the Mediterranean basis is meaningless without the knowledge of concrete mortuary procedures, but the anthropological issues, i.e. ritualistic differences do lead to different forms of idealism, hence verism and realism, if viewed as procedural differences leading to aesthetic differences, should help us with understanding that an aesthetic tradition is not yet an aesthetic choice. The switch on the other hand makes you wonder.

No, this is not Christ in Majesty, but Anastasius, the Consul of Byzantium. In his right hand he holds a towel - Let the great rumpus begin! Below on the arena we can see it begin - bestiary - the great cats are out of their cages! It does remind me of today's circus, only in antiquity animals were not impressed with whips.

Since this is youthful Christ, he is clean-shaven; the apostles, on the other hand have full beards.

Ephedrismos, or the game of piggy-back, could represent the older tradition of bride-by-capture.

The head of this Egyptian god Bes has been decorated with a panthée to demonstrate the superiority of his powers; the erection is there to serve the same purpose.

Sometimes we win, sometimes you lose....