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3. Bathtub Tea. The contents of these tea bags are dried lavender flowers, dried hyacinth flowers, bath salts, and bath beads. Of course, you can also concoct your own mix of bathtub scents and flowers. You will also need large tea bags for this project.

Tea Bath! - dried roses (can find in most spice aisles) lemon peels, dried rosemary, rock salt, brown sugar and essential oils. Rose and rosemary moisturizes, lemon cleans.

Rose and Green Tea Bath Sachet. Soothes nerves and fights signs of aging. $4 Etsy

Really love this idea—so fun Christmas morning to see family photos of Christmases past—talk about fun conversations & lots of laughs ahead❣ Even better yet—a great way to identify gifts—No More Writing Out a Million Tags❣❣