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DAF Future Concept

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1963 Riviera~On October 4th of 1962, Buick introduced their Riviera as a 1963 model. It carried a base price of just over $4,330 with most customers adding optional equipment and driving the price into the $5,000 range. Production was limited to just 40,000 units. There were few competitors in the market at that time, but compared with its closest rival, the Ford Thunderbird, the Buick was much better. It had luxury, low weight, superior performance, and a unique sense of style.

American Muscle Cars… SEMA 2014: CGS Performance Products of Chino 2015 Ford Mustang,Kompression forged wheels, 22×8.5 front and 24×16 rear.Extreme Dimensions carbon fiber front and side splitters.

Google Interactive AIR Test Prep for 3rd Grade Writing Performance Based Prompts

Practice for 3rd Grade Writing Test Prep! Grab this resource for 3 practice sessions utilizing Google Drive sharing to reinforce both students' writing and technology skills! Includes 6 sources, 2 informative/explanatory prompts, 1 opinion prompt, and 2 "kid friendly" state testing rubrics! https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Google-Interactive-AIR-Test-Prep-for-3rd-Grade-Writing-Performance-Based-Prompts-2434693

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