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[Leitura de Artigo Completo] Se fosse preciso fretar um avião para fazer regressar os 50 talentos portugueses que o i seleccionou, a viagem teria duas grandes escalas: EUA e Inglaterra. São os dois países onde estão boa parte dos portugueses a fazer a diferença, seja na al...

from Joanne Eats Well With Others

Chocolate Fudge Brownies with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

Chocolate Fudge Brownies

How can you elevate one group above the rest? How can you say only black lives matter when the unborn are being aborted, and that lives are taken away by lustful greed and by acts of terrorism plus war? This preacher is not of God, but he's also a racist. This is appalling and may God rebuke this Devil worshiper!

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The challenge of creating a public able to parse evidence-free “facts” rests with the press, educators and other thought leaders

from CollegeHumor

Facebook News Feed History of the World: The 30 Years' War to The American Revolution

A humorous news feed about European history discussing the events occurring during the first pilgrims settling in the west, the Franco-Spanish war and the 30 years war and how countries got involved.

ICS suspende revista por causa de artigo com graffiti de “gosto duvidoso” - Imagens reproduzidas no ensaio são de graffiti ainda existentes em ruas de Lisboa contra o Governo e empresários. Director do ICS diz que eram "imagens e mensagens" que podiam pôr em causa o bom nome e imagem da instituição. E nega que tenha havido censura.

The Sons of Liberty was a group of colonists that were formed to oppose British ways. This secret society was made of lawyers, merchants, and craftspeople. They joined this group because they were the people that were the most affected of the Stamp Act. The Sons of Liberty carried out many protests and revolts, some harmless, some violent.

A good description of the banking-media dictatorship regime in Greece -