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Jaime Can't Stop Dancing

Jaime Can't Stop Dancing | 22 Behind-the-Scenes Moments on Game of Thrones That Will Change How You See Everyone | POPSUGAR Entertainment

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What Would Your "Game Of Thrones" Name Be?

What Would Your "Game Of Thrones" Name Be? Mine is "Red Priestess Justierys Stark, The Brave Companion. ( when I chose Queen.) When I chose surprise me it came up with Queen Justicel Lannister, The King slayer. Not too sure which one I like better.

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21 Best Tumblr Reactions To "Game Of Thrones" Red Wedding

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What "Games Of Thrones" Characters Look Like In The Books

For actors on successful television shows, the work doesn't stop when shooting is over for the year - they then have to make the rounds on the publicity and late night ci...