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4 Steps to Starting a Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Gardens pots: Drop one or two seeds in each hole, then cover with a thin layer of potting soil. A faster option: Use your fingers to gently tease the roots apart before planting. This way the roots will be able to spread easily into the new soil. #vegetables #gardening #startingagarden

How to start garden seeds using eggshells as planters. Not only are they a great way to recycle, eggshells help benefit the plant growth!

"Here I show you highly productive ways to grow food, to enjoy harvests over long periods, and a lovely way of caring for soil - NO DIG, based on my experience of growing acclaimed vegetables without soil tillage for thirty years."

Dry Pineapple Crown for one week, place in water (change every few days), and plant in soil once a good root system has sprouted. May take up to two years before Pineapple plant bares its first fruit

14 Tips Get Rid of Weeds From the Garden Once and For all

Spiral Herb Gardens

Herb Spiral Garden, creates a micro-climate, controls sun by the direction it's faced.