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13 incredible science facts you probably didn't learn in high school

Science doesn't end at high school. Once you take your learning to the next level, things really get interesting.

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Robo-roaches give robot armies new reproductive prowess

Robot Zombie Cockroach. A research team at Tokyo University is making these bio-bots by lopping off the antennae of regular roaches and replacing them with pulse-emitting electrodes. The researchers then send signals with a remote control to a backpack worn by the roach that powers the electrodes. The roaches can be told to go left, right, forward and back

This is what a preemie born at 24 weeks looks like. Every year 30,000 babies are aborted at exactly this age. So ladies, us "feminists" whine for the "reproductive right" to "choose" to end this life? That's one way to completely defile womanhood.

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Ubercool "Mexican walking fish" Nearing Extinction

This post is posted on Thursday 13 June 2013. Currently has 566 notes Tagged as: blue purple marine sea life reef

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Ekso Bionics' exoskeleton used to let paraplegics walk (video)

It's not just nuclear-powered super soldiers who will use exoskeletons -- it can also be used to help those with physical disabilities. The Kessler Foundation did trial studies with six people who have severely damaged spines

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Roll Up Chess Set