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The juhannuskokko, or midsummer bonfire, burned brightly on the Maple River in Frederick. The bonfire is a midsummer tradition in Finland and now in Frederick. Photo courtesy Story: Festivals bring small towns roaring to life

approaching squall in rural south dakota

The South Dakota Prairie. So many brave people took a chance on this land.

Farm Field With Hay Bales At Sunset In Ontario by Elena Elisseeva, via

McCormick’s Creek Falls, Indiana ... Our elementary school took every sixth grade class here for a weeklong camping trip every spring. We'd go wading in the river, spelunking & all sorts of fun things! Do schools do things like that any more.

mrcloudphotography: photo by Craig McCormick | MY TUMBLR BLOG | Fairy Glen Groge, North Wales. This looks like the best AND worst place to have a picnic. I have stepped on enough mossy stones to know that stepping on it while carrying a picnic basket won’t end well. But it’s so pretty tho :/ Imagine eating junk food while watching game of thrones here. Ahh the good life. I wish someone would invent moss proof boots. I would buy that in a heartbeat.

There's a #Zoo at the end of the #rainbow. Saint Louis Zoo, that is.