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It's funny how we the same make up. It made the cat look ugly she looks beautiful naturally even we do.

Funny pictures about The perfect smokey eye. Oh, and cool pics about The perfect smokey eye. Also, The perfect smokey eye.

Funny Animal Pictures With Captions

"I have no idea how it happened." The photo is funny but the problem is real. Dogs can suffocate trying to get food in the trash/recycling or can eat something poisonous.

womppp. its myyy birthday today. ayyy. 22.

Whose birthday?

Funny pictures about Whose birthday? Oh, and cool pics about Whose birthday? Also, Whose birthday?

Funny Chihuahua Mug Shot | john lund Yaziq It((( ))))

Archie steals the other dogs toys and hides them in his room, he is also a shopaholic.

Don't worry

I think they found what you did on the carpet.don't worry, we'll blame the little guy. Boxers and Boston Terrier

Weed? We ain't seen no weed, dude...WTF??  I am still laughing about this because both of those dogs looked totally wasted :)))))

What weed? funny quotes black and white animals dogs weed marijuana humor

Here is an ad for a hair product that shows that it can tame wild hair and prevent frizz. The fact that it illustrates this by using a lion is very humorous.