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be-social-ver10 by 株式会社ループス・コミュニケーションズ Looops Communications,Japan via Slideshare

ss-14902681 by saucerjp via Slideshare

social ver15-13808629 by Naoto Kyo via Slideshare

桜新町の主婦が教えるGrowth Hack by Sanae Fukuda via slideshare

uiux-13149154 by aokaoq via Slideshare

心地よいUIの温度 - 言葉と気遣いで高めるUI - by wariemon via slideshare

ss-24283072 by Sasaki Kouhei via Slideshare

javascript-23768378 by Yuji Nojima via Slideshare

how-to-get-reviewedbasic-tip by a handyman via Slideshare

javascript-14882630 by Hiroaki Okubo via Slideshare