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A mom and child at Roodharigendag, (Redhead Day) in Breda, September A sea of redheads

BEAutiful. hmm miss my friend Red, she got swallowed up by her boyfriend, don't much enjoy time with her anymore :(

hmm miss my friend Red, she got swallowed up by her boyfriend, don't much enjoy time with her anymore :(

...and then all the freckles form into one  How many of you feel this way after the holiday weekend?! #RedheadLife

imma blonde and i can attest to this. pale as a ghost but freckles for DAYS

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gingers. Without question the most beautiful people on the planet                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

What is sweeter than redheaded siblings? Bellamy Gilmore adores her baby brother, Ethan Broderick. and their YaYa is smitten by their big blue eyes, freckled faces & russet hair. They look like a Renaissance painting; don't they?

i am still fondly referred to as "Red" by almost all my guy friends I grew up with and/or dated.... Or in Australia we use "Bluey"

i am still fondly referred​ to as Red. My uncle calls me it all the time, sonetimes my mom and my friends

Adorable Redheaded Child

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Owl Hat Earflap Beanie Cap Pink Green by Amy K - Hoot Hoot! How cute will your little one look in this hat! Crocheted in cotton with oval button eyes, little orange beak, blue flower, and those fun ears! ~Last photo shows the true color.

It's a Ginger Thing #140: When your face gets red and everyone starts freaking out... Redhead problems, Ginger problems, Red hair, Tumblr.

So true! After pe a couple of times we went outside for like 20 minutes and my face turned red and people reacted like this.