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From the website of My newspaper column is based on premise that all citizens are gauranteed the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit

Lorne Green as Ben Cartright on his buckskin named Buck.

Frank Bell's Horse Training Tips

This I post with my sister in mind... she is the real cowgirl, horses and all. I am more of the smaller city/ little bit country/little bit rock n roll ...urban gardener, nature lover girl. ; )

When I first got horses and they would do this it would freak me out but now I just laugh as I watch my fat boy try to get back up :P

Downunder Horsemanship | Training Tip of the Week: Is your haltering technique making your horse head shy?

Tiny Mouse-"I always wanted to name a horse an Indian name, so this baby is named Tiny Mouse Patel". It's easy to spot that Zippo Pine Bar bloodline: Most people that train horses agree that there’s only one thing you need to train a horse: more time than the horse. That sounds like a simple recipe,

29 Will Smith Reaction GIFs For Your Every Need

29 Will Smith Reaction GIFs For Your Every Need :)