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Explore Wrapper It S, Taipei Taiwan and more! Every few days, I fill a cupcake pan with cupcake wrappers. In each wrapper, I place a toddler-size portion of a healthy snack. I put the tray on a low shelf in my refrigerator. When it's snack time, I let the girls go and choose one snack to take and eat. And, even though they think they are in charge of choosing the snack they want to eat, in reality I choose what to put into the tray to begin with. Hehe, sneaky mom trick!

from The Skinny Fork

Skinny Pizza Bite Dippers

It's no secret that pizza (in one form or another), is in my weekly rotation. When you have a little one, it sort of has to be a staple on the menu. Today I wanted to step outside the box a bit, using up a few of my favorite versatile ingredients that I almost always have on hand. Cheese is definitely an integral part of my eating habits. It's one of those things that I couldn't see myself living without. I've also found that wonton wrappers are a perfect vehicle for many different…

Are you EATING ENOUGH FAT? It's true that eating too many of the wrong fats is not so great. BUT, it's also true that eating the right amount of healthy fats is super-duper important! Healthy fats? You heard right. Watch this video to find out more… #fat #nutritiontips #healthyfat

Hate when people ask "How is your diet going?". Diets don't work! They're only temporary. This is forever.